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Cracking the Stress Secret: How to Turn Pressure into Power

Cracking the Stress Secret: How to Turn Pressure into Power

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When we seek advice on health and wellness, we are commonly told to reduce or eliminate stress in our lives. Cracking the Stress Secret takes a different stance. In this book, author, speaker, and chiropractor Amir Rashidian explains that striving to accomplish goals and improve ourselves inherently comes along with obstacles and stress, and so it's unrealistic--even undesirable--to cut stress from our lives. How much we achieve depends on how much stress we can safely handle. In fact, stress can become a natural source of fuel for success.

Hardcover – October 18, 2022

Living Now Awards Gold Winner in Relaxation/Mindfulness

Why stress isn’t a bad thing and how to turn it into strength

Geared toward professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone who has a busy daily life but also has big aspirations, Cracking the Stress Secret demonstrates how health comes from the inside out and why it’s best to intentionally and gradually increase (not decrease) stress to improve adaptability and resilience. Dr. Rashidian provides ten steps that you can use to prepare yourself physically, biochemically, and psychologically for whatever pressures life might throw at you.

Using compelling stories from his life and practice and drawing from his decades of experience in studying the human body’s response to stress, Dr. Rashidian illustrates how you can learn and adapt during stressful times, overcoming the challenges you face and, through the process, becoming better, stronger, and happier.

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