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Anxiety: Treating Body, Mind and Soul (The Soul of Psychology Series)

Anxiety: Treating Body, Mind and Soul (The Soul of Psychology Series)

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Treatment of anxiety has lacked a key element ever since modern medicine and psychology were established as the primary options for addressing emotional concerns. While evidence-based action for anxiety disorders is necessary to identify and manage symptoms, it is often insufficient in returning a patient to whole health. Frequently, it is the less-known soul-based origin of an anxiety disorder that must be addressed to help a person feel complete.


Paperback – April 16, 2024

Anxiety: Treating Body, Mind and Soul offers a comprehensive view of the origins of many anxiety-related concerns and emphasizes deeper aspects that may have created the initial emotional disturbance or block full healing when traditional methods aren’t enough. Source factors such as epigenetic influence, ancestral suffering, past-life trauma, and various other soul wounds are discussed. Dr. Kelly addresses up-to-date categorization of the psychology of anxiety disorders and corresponding soul-related factors that may affect each concern.

Although anxiety is the fastest growing worldwide mental health concern, "good enough " management of symptoms is no longer adequate. ALL factors that affect those with anxiety-related disorders—physical, emotional, and soul-based—must be explored and addressed for true healing to occur.

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